This Is Techno Interview + Podcast

Today we have the Utrecht Based Mitch de Klein with us. As a resident dj from Vage Noten you can find this man a lot at one of the most highly rated techno clubs in Utrecht named Poema RAW. We like to thank Mitch for this great mix and the chat we had with him! Check it out! 

When and how did you start playing Techno?

I started playing techno like 6 years ago I guess. I got into dance music earlier and it didn’t take long for me to discover other genres. When I heard Techno for the first time it was a bit strange, because of the way Techno is composed, but I started to appreciate it more and more. Now I can’t imagine a life without Techno

Can you tell us something about the tracks you produced or that will come out soon? 

The tracks I produced vary from groovy Tech House to dark Techno, but all with a Mitch de Klein flavor in it. I get inspiration from a lot of things and of course from other music I hear, and I try to translate the ideas in my head to new tracks. Right now, I’m working on creating tracks for both the prime-time sets as well as warm-up sets. I like to be able to play some of my own productions at any occasion. The track I am most proud of and which works every time I play it out is ‘Drum’. It even got airplay on BBC Radio 1 during Pete Tong’s show, which is a huge thing in dance music! If we talk about future releases, I got a new EP coming out in the first quarter of 2016, which contains two original tracks and probably two remixes! 

What inspires you the most when it comes to your musical productions?

I think it’s a mix of a lot of things. The mood that I’m in, the music I heard recently, the festivals or events I attended. For example, when I attend an event like Awakenings at Gashouder I get inspired by the DJ’s playing and the amazing venue. When I enter my studio after that (and a good sleep of course) I’m more inspired to create tracks that would work better in big industrial venues. 

What gives you a kick when you're behind the decks?

Seeing people having a good time and knowing that you are an important part of it. Of course, there are a lot of factors playing roles in how people experience an event, but music surely is an important factor. It gives me an extra kick when I play my own tracks and people seem to like it! 

Your motivation/ambition? Who are your heroes? 

The motivation has been and will always be the music. My ambition is to make a living out of music, because I believe you should be doing things you love the most. There are a lot of artist I admire, but I like it the most when an artist is down to earth. Some artists I had the pleasure to meet are very nice persons and to me that’s an important thing in this industry. On a personal level, you can say Laidback Luke is a hero to me. I listened to his music a lot when I was younger and when I finally met him in real life he was like the most normal guy ever, but a big DJ. He helped me through my beginning years of production and gave me feedback when I needed it, even if I didn’t made the genre he was playing. Luke introduced me to Gina Turner (his wife), and she is into Techno a lot. We did some collaborations and the vibe was always great in the studio! 

Me, Laidback Luke and Gina Turner in the studio during ADE '15  [Screenshot taken from Laidback Luke's vlog]

Me, Laidback Luke and Gina Turner in the studio during ADE '15  [Screenshot taken from Laidback Luke's vlog]

What's essential for you for a perfect night out, from a DJ's and visitors' point of view? 

Good question. When I have a night out as a visitor I don’t stop thinking like a DJ. Sometimes I wish I could turn that off, haha. One thing we can conclude from this is that the music has to be good. Even in a restaurant, good music complements the atmosphere and makes the experience better. But at a night out it’s all about enjoying yourself with a mixture of the music, the people around you, the environment etc. As long as we can enjoy ourselves, I’m fine! From a DJ’s point of view, it’s important everything has been taken care of to DJ properly. My mind has to be at the music, not worrying about failing equipment or something simple as that. It’s always nice to have dinner with the organization/crew and other DJ’s before the event starts. That way you feel connected to the organization and the other DJ’s and you’ll be thinking: we are going to do this together!