Time for a fresh start

Now that I am releasing music again after haven't released music in 2015, I thought it was time for a fresh start. A new website, new logo, updated biography and I will be starting a blog.


Every now and then, I feel the need for something new. Now is the right time to introduce my new website as I'm also releasing music again. A few years ago I chose to build a simple website, so it wouldn't cost a lot of time to keep it up to date, but now I want my website to be a bit more interactive and up to date. What to expect:

  • Simple but effective homepage featuring my most important news at that time.
  • Soundcloud playlists which showcases my music. Livesets, Tracks (Released and Unreleased) and Free Downloads. 
  • An updated biography.
  • Instagram feed refreshing itself with it's latest posts.
  • Blogpage where I will publish articles about the music business and things I experience while working on my career.
    Also expect helpful articles about music production and DJ-ing. 
  • Contactform to get in touch with me easily.


My fresh new logo is designed by Remy de Klein, an awesome designer and photographer, who happens to be my brother. I'm very happy with it, as it represents my style in a good way. I like my productions to sound clean, and I'm not afraid of experimenting with new and weird sounds. The most important part of the music is always the Bass part, the creative D in the logo stands for the big impact the bass can have in Techno music. 

There are two versions. The only thing different is the placement of 'DE KLEIN'. This way, the logo can be used in all circumstances.

Let me know what you think about my new site by leaving a comment!